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How to get there

There are several easy ways to access Don Muang Hotel from Don Muang Airport.

1. By WALKING – the walk will take approximately 800 meters distance or around 15-20 minutes. Below is the direction details to get to the hotel

2. By TAXI – Taxi stand located in front of the International Arrival Halls and Domestic Passenger Terminals. The metered fare from the airport to Don Muang hotel is usually around 120-200 Baht, with additional airport surcharge of 50 Baht. If the traffic is good, the travel will take around 20 minutes but if traffic is congested then it could take up to 30 minutes.

3. By MIXING Between WALKING and PUBLIC TRANSPORATION (TAXI or LOCAL PUBLIC BITE) follow the same direction with the walking option until you get down from the stair of connecting bridge. In front of Amari Hotel, you can take taxi or public bite to Don Muang Hotel on Soi Saranakhom 3. The destination in Thai is “โรงแรมดอนเมือง ซอยสรณคมน์ 3” . Taxi cost is around 50THB.- . The public motorcycle fee is around 20-30


Starting the walk from Gate 6 of Terminal 1 and look for “Amari Don Muang Hotel, Railway Station, Bus Station” signage and you will find the elevator close by. Take the elevator up to 2 nd Floor and keep walk cross the connecting bridge.

Keep walking on the connected bridge; don’t go down the stair yet.

Follow railway station and keep walking to the end of the connect bridge

Get down the stair and you will find mini bus stop in front of Amari Donmuang Hotel. If you want to call public

transportation to hotel. Please take it from here. There is local public bite under the bridge. Taxi will normally parking in front of the Amari hotel.

Now you are on Choet Wuttakat Rd., keep walking straight. Along the walk you will pass Don Muang Temple

Elementary School and keep going for another 200 meters.

Look for Wat DonMuang Phra-ArramLuang, once you in front then turn left at the corner to get on Songprapa Rd. and keep walking straight for another 400 meters.

Once you find the 1 st T-junction, take right onto Saranakhom road. The area is between JW Condo and Charoen

Eyewear Shop.

Keep walking straight for 100 meters

Turn left on Sarakhom 3 Alley. Look for the orange color building on your right, now you arrive